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Civil War Graves (not in a named cemetery)

Greene County, Mississippi



Traveling south out of Leakesville, Mississippi you will go2.3 tenths of a mile and take the road to your right which is Vernal River road.
You will now be heading west and will follow this road 4.8 tenths of a mile. There will be a house on your right that has a chain link fence around it,
and about 75 yards on the left side will be a red brick home. Across from the house on your right, there is a large sloping hill where the timber has
been cut and only brush and stumps remain. About 50 yards up the hill from the side of the road and  about even with the brick house that I said
was on the left. You will see two solitary headstones. The one on the left is inscribed “Unknown Confederate Soldier”, the one on the right is
inscribed “Unknown Confederate Soldier on the top half and is inscribed Unknown U.S. Soldier on the bottom. The story has it that after the
Battle these dead soldiers were buried in these two graves in crude fashioned caskets made from a military wagon. The story has changed
over the years, was told at times that these soldiers were buried in a wagon. I was told of the graves by John Kittrell a lifelong resident of this
community.  This is located on private land and really receives little attention. These stones are not visible
unless the timber has been cut and that is only about every 15 to 20 years. The bushes will cover the view of the stones by late summer and
then they will be forgotten for another long period of time.
The cemetery was walked on April 13th,2007 by Jimmy Trussell.


(Unknown Confederate Soldier); b. unknown, d. unknown, died fighting with Union soldiers

(Unknown Confederate soldier); b. unknown, d. unknown, died fighting with Union soldiers

(Unknown Union Soldier); b. unknown, d, unknown, died fighting with Confederate soldiers

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