Troy, Pike County, Alabama
Located at intersection of US 231 Bypass and South Three Notch, turn right on South Three Notch and go .6 miles.  The cemetery is on the right side of the street.  There are a large number of graves in this lovely old cemetery, several unfortunately have no name markers on them.  Several markers are also unfortunately broken and/or no longer readable.  A few markers simply say "Unknown" and "Confederate Soldier."  There are a couple of "No Trespassing After Dark" signs posted in the cemetery.
There is a sign directly across from the cemetery that says Beulah Primitive Baptist Church, and I am assuming this is the name of the cemetery.  There is no church building nearby.  If any transcription errors are here, please let me know, so I can make corrections.
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August 10, 2003
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ALLEY, Mary J.; died 27 Feb 1854; Wife of S. S. Alley and Daughter of Rev. J. B. and M. Q. G. Cook

AMMONS, Edward Ed; 2 Jul 1870-10 Dec 1941

AMMONS, Lillian Louise; 20 Oct 1904-7 Dec 1918

AMMONS, Mary Josephene; 20 Mar 1870-24 Oct 1912

BENTON, Absalom; (marker broken, unable to get other info)

BENTON, Lou; Feb 1845-22 Feb 1871; Wife of J. A. Benton; Born In Russell County, Alabama; Died in Troy, Alabama

BLACKMON, Johnnie, died Sep 1873; Son of K. P. and N. Blackmon

BLACKMON, Joseph; died 1 Jan 1891; Our Father

BLACKMON, K. P.; died 27 Aug 1867; Masonic Symbol

BLACKMON, Nancy; 9 Oct 1832-8 Jan 1915; Wife of K. P. Blackmon; At Rest

BLAIR, John; 15 Mar 1800-2 Oct 1881; Born in Newberry District, South Carolina

BLAIR, K ?; 1810-1874 ?; Born in North Carolina

BLAIR, L. M.; no dates

BLAIR, Levi; no dates

BLAN, J. J.; no dates

BLAND, Martha M. (nee Jones); 22 Mar 1823-30 May 1888; Wife of J. P. Morris

BROWN, Aletha Jane Mitchell; 1831-27 Jan 1889

BROWN, James Thomas; 23 Mar 1883-6 Jan 1945; Resting In Peace With Jesus

BROWN, Maggie; 28 May 1897-6 Jun 1966; Resting In Peace With Jesus

CAPP, Elizabeth; 19 Jul 1832-3 Dec 1893; Daughter of W. M. Stephens

CARR, Infant of A. and L. C.; 1 Jun 1860-6 Jun 1860

COLEMAN, Mary Elizabeth; 1840-1873; Wife of Capt. W. H. Stricklan

COOK, Martha Ella; died 31 Aug 1852; Second Daughter of Richard F. and Ann Cook

COOK, Mrs. M. Q. C.; Consort of Rev. Jos.B. Cook of Sumter District, South Carolina, who departed 3 May 18??

COSKREY, David B. ; Feb 1842-May 1924

COSKREY, Lucinda D.; Feb 1850-Jun 1914

DAVIS, P. Gus; 12 Dec 1871-8 Aug 1933

DARBY, Jefferson; died 17 Nov 1879; A Devoted Father Sleeps Here

DARBY, Martha; died 12 Jan 1891(?); Wife of Jefferson Darby; Our Mother

DAVIS, William; 19 May 1844-7 Aug 1910; Co I 1 ALA CAV; Confederate States Army

GILLIS, Roderick; no dates

GRANTHAM, George; no dates

GRIFFIN, B. W.; no dates; PVT Co I 15th ALA INF CSA

HARVILL, Alex Cecil; 27 Apr 1906-2 Jun 1907; Son of H. S. and Fannie Harvill; Asleep In Jesus

HOBBIE, David A.; 15 Oct 1817-5 Oct 1871

HOLMES, J. W.; 12 Aug 1834-23 Nov 1900; Weep Not For Me, I Have Gone To Live With God and His Angels

HUDSON, M.; no dates

JONES, Ella; no dates; Daughter of Michael and Mariah Jones

JONES, Fannie Lou; 4 May 1871-27 Oct 1896

JONES, Henry; no dates; Son of Michael and Mariah Jones

JONES, W. Michael; Jan 1834-Aug 1907; Co G 1 ALA INF CSA

JONES, Wiley; 1813-18??; A Soldier In The Indian War 1836; My Father

KEY, John; 24 Jan 1827-22 Aug 1864

KING, Eliza Caroline; died 25 Jan 1856

LAWSON, Miss Nancy A.; died 11 Oct 1883

LAWSON, Thomas R.; 27 Jun 1808-23 Oct 1883

LEE, Silas; 1794-21 Jun 1874

LYNN, W.; no dates

McINTOSH, John; no dates

MOATES, Dendy; died 31 Jul 1850

MOORE, Annie; 1 Nov 1856-25 Mar 1916; Mother; A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend

MOORE, B. R.; 1 Apr 1825-11 Oct 1863; Masonic Symbol

MOORE, J. C.; 18 Jul 1851-1 Aug 1892; Father; A Brave Spirit Buried Here Who Died A Glorious Death In His Country's Cause

MOORE, J. C.; no dates

NIX, Fannie Davis; 23 Oct 1876-4 Jul 1937

NIX, George W.; 2 May 1876-17 Aug 1951

PARK, Uttie (?); died 13 Apr 1869; Daughter of J. L. and M. A. Lee

PETERS, J. J.; no dates

PETERS, Sallie; 21 Jul 1842-6 Jul 1919; Wife of J. J. Peters

POWELL, Cure P.; 14 Feb 1814-24 Dec 1892; Co G 1 ALA INF CSA

REEVES, Homer; died 18 Oct 1914

REEVES, Children of Lucious and Elizabeth (Lawson) Reeves; Two Daughters And One Son (all on one marker, no names/dates given)

REEVES, Lucious; 26 Mar 1827-11 Jun 1906; Co G 1 ALA INF CSA

REDDICK, E. R. Leut. CSA; died 18 Apr 1870; A Southern Hero Sleeps Here

RHODES, John D.; died 24 Feb 1893; My Husband; Father

SELLERS, Infant Daughter of H. C. and M. P. Sellers; 5 Sep 1892-5 Sep 1892; Asleep In Jesus

SELLERS, William; 1 Sep 1893-5 Dec 1893; Son of H. C. and M. P. Sellers

SMART, Cornelius; Husband of Temperance Smart; Age 83 Years; Member Of Beulah Church 39 Years; Deacon 34 Years; Asleep In Jesus
(no dates of birth/death)

SMART, Temperance; Wife of Cornelius Smart; Age 80 Years; Member of Beulah Church 40 Years; Asleep In Jesus; (no dates of birth/death)

SMITH, Mary A.; 20 Sep 1823-9 Nov 1882

STARK, Lieut. A. W.; no dates

STEWART, Mary Ann; died 5 Jan 1906; Wife of John D. Rhodes; Mother

STRICKLAN, W. H. Capt.; 1833-1878; Co I 15th Ala Regt CSA

UNDERWOOD, Thomas; 22 Oct 1823-11 Apr 1872

WALTERS, John H.; 5 Feb 1814-16 Dec 1891; He Died As He Lived -- A Christian; Father

WALTERS, Sarah; 14 Aug 1822-6 Jan 1894; Wife of John H. Walters; A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend; Mother

WARREN, Rev. Robert; 2 Mar ????-25 Apr 1852 ?

WILKERSON, Infant Erham Mattie Mae; no dates

WILSON, S. D.; no dates

WILSON, Sim; no dates

WINSLETT, Joel; 29 Dec 1802-8 Apr 1860; He Was 31 Years A Consistent Member Of The Methodist Church; Farewell, My Wife And Children All. From You A Father Christ Doth Call.  Mourn Not For Me, It Is In Vain To Call Me To Your Sight Again.  Mark The Perfect Man, And "Behold The Upright, For The End Of That Man Is Peace."