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Bexley Baptist Church Cemetery
George County, Mississippi

Leaving Lucedale, Mississippi on highway 198 (main street), go 4.0 miles west to the intersection of hwy198 and Bexley road south. Turn left on
Bexley Road South
and travel 1.4 tenths of a mile. This will be the intersection with Bexley Church Road, turn left and the church will be on your left.
is located adjacent to the Church building, and is surrounded by a chain link fence. The cemetery was in pretty good condition and I
noticed a couple of graves that were missing the temporary grave markers. I walked this cemetery on March 31st, 2007, and all information was taken
from headstones and temporary grave markers. This cemetery contains several veterans and one American Prisoner of War.

Cemetery surveyed 31 March 2007 by Jimmy Trussell,

Holland, Jerry Wayne; b. 07-25-1943, d. 01-10-2003

Miller, Annie C; b. 03-21-1942, d. 10-18-2000

Miller, Cody Allen; b. 05-03-1993, d. 06-24-1993

Dickerson, Julie Christine; b. 04-14-1966, d. 08-16-2003

Strahan, Diane; b. 11-08-1958, d. 01-07-1994

Campbell, Dorton T; b. 12-30-1922, d. 09-17-1994

Campbell, Evelyn M; b. 10-25-1921, d. 07-21-1993

Brushaber, Rachel Ann (Ely); b. 09-26-1959, d. 06-10-1997

Cook, Mark Anthony; b. 02-28-1975, d. 04-29-2000

Domec, Wallace L; b. 04-03-1931, d. 03-31-2005, Captain

Lowe, Jesse O; b. 07-06-1918, d. 02-09-1995, US Army Air Corps WW-2 Purple Heart, **Prisoner of War**

Lowe, Dow Quentin; b. 08-20-1952, d. 03-06-1986

Guin, James Douglas; b.04-26-1921, d.05-04-2006, SFC US Army WW-2 KoreaVietnam

Hartman, James Gude; b. 08-21-1931, d. 04-21-1987

Howard, Floyd "Bud"; b. 12-08-1932, d. 07-04-1996

Klein, William C; b. 05-31-1918, d. 07-08-1988, PFC US Army WW-2

Klein, Eddie M; b. 09-05-1919, d. 04-25-2003

Hobby, Jack C; b. 11-22-1945, d. 12-04-1991

Howard, Jimmie; b. 03-18-1939, d. 04-10-1994

Howard, Ora Inez; b. 03-03-1919, d. 03-09-1998

Eubanks, Barbara Ann; b. 10-24-1936, d. 07-15-2002

Holland, David Matthew; b. 10-15-1968, d. 02-05-1992, SP4 US Army "Persian Gulf"

Holland, Eva (Howard); b. 04-21-1928, d. 11-03-2006

Holland, David Leslie; b. 12-25-1919, d. 09-10-1996, TEC 4 US Army WW-2

Eubanks, Leonard; b. 09-26-1929, d. 09-05-2000, PFC US Army Korea

Howard, Bobbie Lee; b. 03-31-1939, d. 02-17-1979

Howard, Robert Victor; b, 12-29-1959, d. 10-26-1979

Eubanks, Richard H; b. 07-23-1932, d. 01-23-2001

Brooks, Macie Nicole & Jordon Allen; b, ??-??-????, d. 07-11-2005, "At Rest Together"

Pitts, Heidle D; b. 08-08-1930, d. 07-02-1993

Clark, Richard D; b. 02-23-1958, d. 06-07-1999

Moss, Garry Dwayne; b. 07-14-1960, d. 03-01-2007

Gentry, Ramona (Graves); b. unknown, d. 09-07-2007

Holland, Edward; b. unknown, d. 09-27-2007, (age 76), pallbearers were members of Masonic Lodge

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