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Barrancas National Cemetery
Pensacola Naval Air Station
80 Hovey Road
Pensacola, Florida
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Birchard, Warren N.-Born: 28 November 1865, Died: 01 June 1957 Co. C, 4th Regt. Ill. Inf. Spanish American War

GA - AH-Died: 29 September 1887 Wife of Geronimo, Apache Indian

Lewis, Henry, U.S. Clo.. Inf

Murry, William R., Sgt., U.S. Clo. Inf.

In Memory Of
Co. A, 1st Fl. Inf., Joseph L. Hale, 4th Sgt. William A. Routh, Clerk, Henry A. Teillinghast. Co. B, 1st Fl. Inf., William E. Smith and John J. Thompson (front of stone)
In memory of these men buried here and whose graves are unknown, died Oct. 9, 1861, Battle of Santa Rosa Island (back of stone)

Cahoon, Walter D., Co. A, 1st Fla. Inf., Spanish American War

Lawrence, F. J., Confederate States Army

Parris, W. J., Confederate States Army

Johnston, H., Confederate States Army

Cochran, D. S., Co. H, 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Peck, B. F., Confederate States Army

Alberton, J. E.Confederate States Army

Rogers, Dinsey
, Co. B, 8th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Woodard, Edw., Co. I, 8th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Smith, J. T., Confederate States Army

Stephens, J. W., Co. D, 8th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Watts, B. E., Confederate States Army

Drake, J. W., Confederate States Army

Hawthorn, Geo. A., Co. I, 1st Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Garritt, W. J., Confederate States Army

Forrister, R. L., Confederate States Army

Rousseau, Robert R., Co. H, 1st Fla. Inf. C.S.A.

Watson, R. M., Co. H, 10th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Venable, A. V., Co. D, 7th Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Tucker, Silas, Co. I, 1st Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Skinner, J. R., Corp., Co. K, 36th Ga. Inf. C.S.A.

Williamson, A. J., Co. A, 1st Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Scruggs, Jerry, Confederate States Army

Weltcome, Joseph, Confederate Soldier

Berryhill, H. A., Co. K, 10 Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Jones, F. L., Confederate States Army

Berry, Thomas A., Co. K, 10th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Hine, J. W., Confederate States Army

Green, James, Confederate States Army

Robertson, Geo. W., Co. F, 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Hanthorn, J. G., Confederate States Army

Brown, A. P., Confederate States Army

Dykes, Wm. B., Co. F, 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Jones, William, Confederate States Army

Burrell, B., Confederate States Army

Turner, Harry E., Cpl. 10th Ohio Inf. Spanish American War

Quarels, Frank, Co. F, 3rd Ala. Inf. Spanish American War

Williams, Peyton, Co. A, 10th US. Vol. Inf. Spanish American War

Cobbs, Henry-Born: 07 May 1878, Died: 21 July 1954  Co. F, 3rd Regt. Ala. Inf. Spanish American War

McClane, Thomas K.-Born: 23 October 1870, Died: 30 September 1953 1st Sgt., Co. I, 6th Inf. Spanish American War

Spoon, J. F., Miss. C.S.A.

Wright, J. M., Ala. C.S.A.

Hester, R. O., Co. B, 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Leggett, Wm. F., Corp., Co. F, 27th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Patterson, J. D., Corp., Co. F, 27th Miss. Inf. C. S.A.

Deaton, John W., Co. G, 8th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Fairchild, William, Confederate States Army

Mack, G. E., Confederate States Army

Dunkin, Wm. H., Co. G., 8th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Hardee, James, Co. H, 1st Fla. Inf. C.S.A.

Story, N. R., Corp., Co. D, 17th Ala. Inf. C.S.A.

Swift, Daniel, La. C.S.A.

Corcoran, John, G., Born: 29 November 1862, Died: 10 July 1953 Cpl., 1st Ill. Cav. Spanish American War

Faulkener, J., Ala. C.S.A.

Ribley, R., Confederate States Army

Lee, B. E.

Allen, J. A., Confederate States Army

Parham, Thomas B.
, Co. A, 5th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Krueger, Alfred
-Born: 08 March 1879, Died: 12 February 1952, Co. H, 3rd Wis. Inf. Spanish American War

Frazier Family Stone
Frazier, John-Born: 28 March 1836, Died: 24 September 1901
Frazier, Susan - Born: 28 April 1812, Died: 12 February 1897 Wife of John Frazier

Hansen, Charles E. Capt. - Died: 14 June 1873, A Native of Copenhagen, Den.

Bond Family Stone
Bond, William-Died: 05 June 1891 in Pensacola, Fla., A Native of Denmark, Aged 70yrs
Bond, Ann-Died: 28 April 1888 in Warrington, Fla., A Native of Dublin, Ire., Aged 60yrs, Wife of William Bond
Bond, William Jr.-Born Warrington, Fla., Died: 18 October 1867, Aged 16yrs

Eccles, James-Born 02 February 1833 in Dungannon, County of Tyrone, Ireland, Died: 11 September 1867, 3rd Corp., Co. A, 1st Fla. Inf. C.S.A. Military Stone
    *A stranger in a strange land after long years of waiting he was called home and is at rest*

McElhatten, John-Born: 01 April 1847 in Phoenixville, Pa., Died: 18 November 1866
    *Upwards his soul has sped. Heavenwards, to join the Blest; Only his body we laid here, for a while to rest.*

Handyside Family Stone

Handyside, Charles H.-Born: 16 August 1847, Died: 15 March 1902
Handyside, Annie-Born: 05 June 1849, Died: 01 November 1900, Wife of Charles H. Handyside
    *Dearest parents, you have left us.
     Here thy loss we deeply feel
     But tis God that hath bereft us
     He can all our sorrows heal.*

Johnson, F. S.-Born: 01 December 1841, Died: 29 March 1881, A native of Boston

Blum, John J.-Died: 26 October 1874, Aged 35 years
    *May his soul rest in peace.

Bell, Gamliel-Born: 12 July 1834 in Dublin Ireland, Died: 30 July 1886, Aged 52 years.
    *May He Rest in Peace*

Langley, Frank-Died: 19 January 1914, Aged 63 years

Harris, Peter-Born: 02 January 1836 in Stewart County, Ga., Died: 03 May 1917
    *Loved and respected by all.*

Navarro, Frank Capt.-Born: 1840 in Malaga Spain, Died: 07 June 1913
    *His words were kindness, his deeds were love. His spirit humble, he rests above.*

Fell Family Stone
Fell, John G.-Born: 15 November 1811 in New Orleans, La., Died: 15 October 1867 at Warrington, Fla.
Fell, Margaret T.-Born: 28 January 1832, Died: ? July ? (unable to read) at Warrington, Fla., Aged 52 yrs. 5 monts & 5 days

Sweeney Family Stone
Sweeney, Edward-Born: 09 March 1817 in County Corke, Ireland, Died: 07 October 1884 in Warrington, Fla. Pic 2
Sweeney, Ellen-Born: 11 May 1825 in County Kerry, Ireland, Died: 16 June 1891 in Warrington, Fla. Wife of Edward Sweeney

Sweeney, Terence
-Born: 15 May 1842, Died: 01 May 1883

Purdy, John-born: 20 January 1835 in Washington, D.C., Died: 08 August 1887 in Woolsey, Fla.

Oldmixon, Edward Nassau-Died: 20 March 1860 at Fort Barracks, Aged 58 years. Son of Sir John Oldmixon

Oldmixion, George A.-Born: 10 February 1830, Died: 21 November 1891

Brown, George E.-Born: 15 March 1833 in Monroe County, Ala., Died: 25 April 1883 in Warrington, Fla.

Kehoe, Hugh-Native of Dublin Ireland, Died: 12 May 1872 at Naval Hospital, Pensacola, Fla. Aged 23 years

Brown, E. E.-Born: 18 April 1844, Died: 03 December 1878

Conlin, James-Born: 16 April 1826 in Armagh Ireland, Died: 16 November 1871

Galleger, John-Died: 09 August 1891 in Warrington, Fla. Aged 60 years, A native of Ireland

Bosso, Robert Dr.-Born: 15 September 1839 in Verona Italy, Died: 03 September 1883 in Warrington, Fla., Aged 44 years

Sweeney, Edward-Died: 07 March 1911

Harvey, Thomas F.-Born: 29 March 1841, Died: 13 September 1867

White, Thomas J.-Died: 24 September 1871 at Warrington, Fla. Aged 55 years

Kelly, Patrick-Died: 17 October 1898, Aged 58 years

Pierce, C. M. Dr.-Died: 11 October 1878, Aged 46 years Anative of New York

Washington, Jefferson-Born: 14 October 1844 in Coneuch Co. Ala., Died: 29 October 1917

Oerting, Niels Sophus-Died: 18 December 1866, Aged 25 years, A native of Denmark

Oerting, Anthon-Died: 17 June 1865, Aged 20 years, A native of Denmark

Oerting, Aurelia McKenzie-Born: 03 September 1833 in Denmark, Died: 10 March 1877 in Warrington, Fla.

Banks, Jas. Rev.-Born in Virginia, Died: 29 January 1902 in Warrington, Fla., Aged 56 years

Clay, Henry-Born: 31 August 1848, Died: 11 September 1911

Walker, John-Born: 12 January 1834, Died: 01 March 1898, Aged 64 years

Elijah, Frank-Born: 04 July 1839 at Milton, Fla., Died: 16 October 1909

McCray Family Stone
McCray, Jno-Born: 1838, Died: 22 January 1900
McCray, Mary L.-Born: 27 April 1843, Died: 06 ? 1885
McCray, Mary J.-Bor: 27 August 1861, Died: 28 December 1891 Daughter of J. & M. L. McCray

Patton, Walter D.-Born: 26 April 1877, Died: 28 April 1973, Sgt., Co. B, 11th Regt. Vol. Cav. Spanish American War

Cronkite, James G.-Born: 16 November 1878, Died: 13 June 1973, Trp. C, Cav. Sq. NY Cav., Spanish American War

Hulse, Isaac-Born in Brook-Haven Suffolk, Long Island, Died 29 August 1856, Aged 59 years
    *Late Fleet Surgeon U.S. Navy. Died while stationed at the U.S. Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida

Sheppard, James-Died: 29 June 1883, Aged 46 years. Boatswain, U.S. Navy