Lisa's Cemetery Site

Family Cemetery
Greene County, Mississippi



Leaving Leakesville, Mississippi on Oak Street, you will head north toward the community of Avera, Mississippi.
You will continue north on Oak Street until you come to the city limit sign where the name of the road will change to Old Avera Road.
You continue on this road another 17.3 tenths of a mile to the intersection with Abram Smith road.
This road will be on your right, take this right hand turn and go .9 tenths of a mile where you will come to a dead end.
Here you will take a right on Simpson Bend road (this road is also called the Dog Brown Road by many local’s in the area).
You will now go .7 tenths of a mile and the cemetery will be on your right surrounded by a chain link fence.
The cemetery is in good condition and I was given permission to walk the cemetery by Mr. Earl Avera. The cemetery is owned and maintained by the Avera Family.
The cemetery was walked on May 28th by Jimmy Trussell, and Earl Avera.


Avera, Isa B. (French); b. 08-26-1871, d. 02-25-1914, wife of William W. Avera

Avera, William Washington; b. 07-14-1849, d. 08-29-1912, husband of Isa Avera

Avera, W.P; b. 10-11-1822, d. 06-19-1905

Avera, Mary; b. 08-20-1823, d. 10-04-1913

Avera, Hardy O; b. 02-15-1860, d. 09-25-1890

Dearman, David; b. 02-13-1953, d. 02-13-2006

Fick, Betty S; b. 02-13-1934, d. 11-05-1978

Dienglewicz, Robert Alan; b. 03-09-1980 d. 08-28-2006, Mr. Earl Avera’s grandson

Avera, Eunice V; b. 11-13-1907, d. 12-04-1983, Mr. Earl Avera’s mother

Avera, Earl W; b. 09-15-1907, d. 08-31-1989, Mr. Earl Avera’s father

Avera, Jacob Powel; b. 10-15-1883, d. 11-26-1914, Mr. Earl Avera’s grandfather

Avera, Douglas James; b. 10-09-1910, d. 11-01-1969, Capt. US Army WW-2 Korea

Avera, Benjamin Franklin; b. 05-01-1896, d. 03-16-1961

Avera, Carrie Lee (Beard); b. 01-14-1902, d. 12-01-1954

Avera, Raymond D; b. 04-04-1930, d. 05-19-2000, “Beloved Brother”

Beard, Maude (Avera); b. 03-18-1901, d. 11-16-1975, “Mother”

Beard, Homer Preston (Sr.); b. 04-09-1893, d. 07-18-1969, Cpl. 28th Inf. WW-1 “Miss.”

Schmidt, Vivian M S (Beard); b. 06-15-1930, d. 04-15-1961, Sgt. Women’s Army Corps.

Dawson, Celia Rachel (Avera); b. 01-18-1855, d. 03-03-1931, wife of Rev. W.J. Dawson

Avera, Mattie C; b. 02-11-1891, d. 01-09-1969

Avera, Bayard R; b. 01-26-1888, d. 07-17-1954

Fick, Robert O; b. 06-15-1907, d. 12-02-1988

Fick, Pearl A; b. 09-06-1912, d. 12-07-1997

Avera, Sam Worth; b. 01-25-1853, d. 03-23-1929, Mr. Earl Avera’s great-grandfather

Avera, Laura (Taylor); b. 02-23-1882, d.11-12-1962, Mr. Earl Avera’s great-grandmother

Avera, Vyvian May; b. 06-10-1910, d. 07-15-1924, 14 yrs. old, died in a diving accident

Avera, Mary M; b. 01-15-1918, d. 08-20-1988

Avera, George B; b. 01-25-1909, d. 03-11-1979

Avera, Charlotte Elaine; b. 12-14-1937, d. 01-14-1994, “Beloved Sister & Daughter”

Seabrook, Sammie  (Avera); b. 11-18-1918, d. 10-23-2002

Seabrook, Rodney Paul; b. 05-20-1918, d. 06-23-1986

Seabrook, John Avera; b. 08-04-1964, d. 09-21-1986

Seabrook, Paul Avera; b. 08-12-1941, d. 02-10-2000

Hankins, Hillman A; b. 10-07-1896, d. 07-28-1968

Hankins, Ella G; b. 05-19-1899, d. 03-01-1972

Avera, Mack W; b. 08-02-1903, d. 02-20-1946

Avera, Chester Lee (Sr.); b. 10-24-1885, d. 09-24-1951

Avera, Effie Melissa (Brewer); b. 02-21-1895, d. 08-06-1988

Avera, William W; b. 01-12-1929, d. 05-25-1994, son of Chester & Effie Avera

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