Lisa's Cemetery Site

Alford Family Cemetery
Greene County, Mississippi


Traveling south from Leakesville, Mississippi on highway 63, you will come to the intersection of highway 63 south and highway 594.
Turn left off of highway 63 onto highway 594. Travel on this road 1.8 miles and Herman Denmark Road will be on your left.
Turn left on this road and immediately on your left will be the Alford Family Cemetery. It is owned and maintained by the Alford Family.
It is in good condition and is surrounded by a chain link fence on all sides.
The cemetery was walked on April 7th, 2007 by Jimmy Trussell,
and all information was gathered from headstone inscriptions.


Alford, Melvin (Jr.); b. 11-16-1949, d. 07-31-1994

Alford, Melvin; b. 08-27-1913, d. 04-01-1983

Alford, Pearl E; b. 04-19-1928, d. 05-07-1996

Miller, Johnny “POD”; b. ??-??-1905, d. ??-??-1971

Alford, Marcia V; b. 08-01-1934, d. 11-10-1986

Alford, John Henry; b. 05-20-1918, d. 06-15-1967

Cottingham, Gladys (Beech); b. 06-04-1931, d. 05-15-1964

Cottingham, Angelia Joy; b. 12-01-1963, d. 05-15-1964

Beech, Horace R; b. 12-07-1901, d. 02-13-1960

Beech, Martha J; b. 07-09-1911, d. 02-02-2003

Alford, James D; b. 11-08-1916, d. 01-14-1982, US Army WW-2

Alford, Johnnie Lee; b. 09-19-1890, d. 03-07-1957

Alford, Julie (Miller); b. 03-16-1894, d. 09-30-1974

Vess, Allen; b. 08-01-1960, d. 08-03-1960

Vess, Michael J; b. 03-08-1973, d. 05-07-1973

Vess, Allie Mae; b. 01-02-1922, d. 04-21-2001

Vess, Walter Harrison (Sr.); b. 08-08-1918, d. 04-14-2005, PFC US Army WW-2

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