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1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers Residing
The State of Alabama

Washington County, Alabama

Alabama Dept. of Archives and History, Census on enumeration of
Confederate Soldiers residing in Alabama - county registers, 1907-1908,

Arnold, Thomas Company A, Col. Sweet - Capt. Heard Houston, Texas
Bethel Cemetery
Atchison, Henry Clay Company E, 11th Alabama Regiment St. Stephens, Alabama
Atchison Cemetery
Atchison, John Henry Company D, Wirt Adams Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Barlow Cemetery
Batley, George Washington Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Old Escatawpa Cemetery
Beech, James Madison Company A, 32,nd Alabama Regiment Camp Goodwin, Alabama
Jones Cemetery
Beech, Wm Christopher Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Jones Cemetery
Beech, Peter Johnson Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment St. Stephens,
Jones Cemetery
Beech, Joshua Thomas (Beach)
*Spelled  "Beach" on his headstone*
Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment St. Stephens,
Mt. Pisgah Community Cemetery
Greene County, Mississippi
*Information courtesy of: Jimmy Trussell & Olivia Parnell
Bozeman, David Tillman Company A, 13th Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted as Ward Master and Nurse
Not Stated

Bozeman, Isaac M Died since enumeration was taken

Still looking for grave site
Brown, Abner Thomas Company A, 24th Mississippi Regiment Shubuta, Mississippi
Providence Cemetery
Brantley, James S. Company B, 56th Alabama Regiment Cavalry Mobile, Alabama
Pine Grove Cemetery
Bryan, Nathan Bush 1st Missouri Battery Demopolis, Alabama
St Stephens Methodist Cemetery
Burch, Michael Flying Artillery - D D Wattus Capt Mobile, Alabama

Cater, William Company H, 42nd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted Col. Morrows Regiment
Clayborn, Alabama
Malcolm Cemetery

Carpenter, David M D Company D, 56th Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted Whites Cavalry then transferred to McGills Co.
Mobile, Alabama
Carpenter Family Cemetery
Conerly, William Paterson Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment St. Stephens, Alabama

Coker, James Erasmus Company G, 32nd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted Company G, 32nd and 58th Alabama Regiments
St. Stephens, Alabama
Chalk Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Coaker, George Washington Smith's Artillery State Line, Mississippi
Williams Cemetery
Coate, Charles J Company I, Wood's Regiment - Wirt Adams Brigade Jackson, Mississippi
St Stevens Methodist Cemetery
Cooper, Jasper Milford Company C, 8th Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
St Stevens Methodist Cemetery
Daniels, Jerrymyer Norman Company G, 32nd Regiment Mobile, Alabama

Daugherty, Willis Died since enumeration was taken
Seaboard Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
Dearman, Soloman Didn't remember command Mobile, Alabama
Shady Grove Cemetery
Dees, Simeon Company A, A. C. Steed Battalion Mississippi
Pine Barron Cemetery
Dickinson, Francis John Wm Boils Battalion Mobile, Alabama

Downey, John Andrew Company D, 40th Alabama Regiment Butler, Alabama

Old Downey Homeplace
Hawethorne, Alabama
*information courtesy of:
 John H. Walker

Dunn, Wyatt McAry Company C, 29th Georgia Regiment Macon, Georgia
Wheat Cemetery
Edwards, Perry Company F, 11th Alabama Regiment Lynchburg, Virginia

Everett, Joel Blasinger Unable to give information Savannah, Georgia
Pine Level Church Cemetery
Faith Felix G. Not Stated--Home Guard and continued until surrender
Millery, Alabama

Faith Cemetery
Washington County, Al.
*information courtesy of: Mary Palmer
Gordy, John Walter Semple's Battalion Halls Mill, Alabama
Pine Grove Cemetery
Hartley, Simeon Riley Company K,  4th Alabama Regiment Camp Watts, Alabama
Antioch Cemetery
Hooks, Augustus Fletcher Company E, 11th Alabama Regiment Volunteers St. Stephens, Alabama
Magnolia Cemetery
Mobile, Alabama
Sq 29, Lt 177
Howard, James Jackson 38th Alabama Mobile, Alabama
Howard Family Cemetery
Hutchinson, Edward George Coast Guards Bayou Le Batre, Alabama 1912
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery
Washington County, Alabama
Johnston, Turner Starks Company A, 3rd Alabama Cavalry Blue Mountain, Alabama
Frankville Baptist Church Cemetery
Jones, John D 38th Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Spring Bank Baptist Church Cemetery
Knapp, David Captain Hunts Home Guards. Re-enlisted in Company D,
32nd Alabama Regiment
Citronelle, Alabama
Frankville Baptist Church,

Lewis, John Company D, 3rd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted 4th Alabama Reserves
Mobile, Alabama
Malcolm Cemetery

Lochmand, William Fredrick Company A, 1st Regiment Cavalry San Antonio, Texas
Frankville Cemetery
Loper, George Harry Company K, 15th Regiment Cavalry Mobile, Alabama

Lynes, Obadiah Ellisville Invincibles, Company C Regiment 8, Re-enlisted in the 8th Mississippi Regiment K Ellisville, Alabama
Washington Baptist Church

Martin, Thomas Company D, 22nd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted Company H, 6th Alabama Regiment
Coffeeville, Alabama

McRae, Leroy Walter Mobile Dragoons.  Reenlisted as 2nd Lieutenant Aug 1862 in Company B, 1st Alabama Battery Cavalry Mobile, Alabama
Calvert United Methodist Cemetery,
Mobile County, Alabama
Morris, William Hargrove Sam of Liberty, Company K, 154th Tenn. Regiment Tennessee

Moss, Thomas Young Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted in the Boys Battalion
Mobile, Alabama

Napper, Eldridge Caswell Died since enumeration was taken

Patrick, Wyatt Company I, 36th Alabama Regiment State Line, Mississippi

Petus, Henry Jeter Perrin Regiment, Perrin Company State Troops. Re-enlisted Company G, 1st Mississippi Cavalry
Scooba, Mississippi

Pelham, Joseph Moore Company A, 1st Battalion of Alabama Cadets Mobile, Alabama
Saint Stephens Methodist Church Cemetery

Pruitt, Miles L

Company G, 17th Alabama Regiment

Bashi, Alabama

First Baptist Church Cemetery

Pringle, William Green Company A, 1st Mississippi Regiment, Re-enlisted as Corpral  in Company A, 37th Mississippi Marion, Mississippi
Sims Chapel Cemetery
Washington Co., Alabama
Rawls, James B Home Guard
Mobile, Alabama
Magnolia Cemetery
Mobile, Alabama
Richey, Wade Hampton Company K Alexander, La.

Richardson, John Jefferson Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Richardson, Wade Hampton Company A, 3rd Alabama Regiment Mt. Sterling, Alabama
Pine Grove Cemetery
Richardson, Wright Augusta Company K, 32nd Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
New Hope Cemetery
Sellers, Daniel Webster Member of Home Guard Oston, N.C. in the Construction Department North Carolina

Simpson, William Lorain Company A, 24th Mississippi Regiment Shubuta, Mississippi

Smith, Nathaniel John Under Captain White Mississippi

Smith, William Jasper Company E, 43rd Alabama Regiment Nanafalia, Alabama
Malcolm Cemetery

Sullivan, Gibeon Jefferson Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment
Image 2
Mobile, Alabama
Clear Water Cemetery
Sullivan, Soloman 1st Alabama Partisan Rangers Company P--Died 02 February 1912
Mobile, Alabama

Gaines Cemetery, Leroy, Alabama
Sullivan, George Washington
Mobile, Alabama
Clear Water Cemetery
Sullivan, Theopolis Tolmin Company D, 56th Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama

Taylor, Jesse Anson Company A, 28th LA Regiment Monroe, La

Thompson, David Bluford Company B, 37th Mississippi Regiment Enterprise, Mississippi
Hobson Cemetery
Thomas, John Levi Company H, Cooper Rifles, 22nd Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama

Tucker, Thomas Eli Wayne Rifles, 13th Mississippi Regiment. Re-enlisted in Ruffin Dragoons, Co. A, 3rd Alabama Cavalry
Waynesboro, Mississippi

Turner, Benjamin Dickinson 29th LA Regiment Port Hudson, La
St. Stephens Methodist Cemetery
Turner, Ransom Company E, 36th Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Turner Cemetery
Whigham, Richard Nathan Company A, 32nd Alabama Regiment Mobile, Alabama
Providence Cemetery
Williams, Edward Loper 32nd Alabama Regiment. Re-enlisted in 56th Alabama Regiment.
Mobile, Alabama

William, William Jasper Company A, Artillery Mobile, Alabama
Jasper Williams Cemetery
*Location courtesy of: Dorla Dean Branning Williams
Wood, John Wesley Whites Cavalry, re-enlisted in Company C, 12th Alabama Infantry Mobile, Alabama
Providence Cemetery
Woods, Abe (Abel)
Company I, 36th Alabama Regiment Mt. Vernon, Alabama

**Other Confederates From Washington County that were not listed in the 1907 Census:

Porter, Benjamin Franklin--Born: 1844 Died: 1917, (1st Sgt., Co. E, 11th Alabama Regiment, Yancy Rifles)
    Pine Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Washington County, Alabama
 **Information courtesy of Ellen Williams.  Ellen has also written a book of compiled letters  by B. F. Porter called, "Prey For Us All".

Bailey, Elijah H.--Born: 1838, Died: 1907, (Co. A, 32nd Alabama Infantry, C.S. A.)
   Clear Water, Cemetery, Washington County, Alabama

Campbell, Benjamin Thomas--Born: 18 July 1845, Died: 21 November 1904, (Pvt., Co. D, 38th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.)
    Pine Grove Cemetery, Washington County, Alabama

Prince, Oliver Elias--Born: 08 October 1832, Died: 20 August 1900, (Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Alabama Cavalry, C. S.A.)
    Pine Grove Cemetery, Washington County, Alabama

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