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1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers Residing
The State of Alabama

Choctaw County, Alabama
Atkinison, John Henderson
28 July 1848
Co. A. Alabama Corp of Cadets
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Braswell, Elberton
08 September 1832
Co. A, 3rd Regiment Alabama Cavalry
Mt. Sterling, Alabama
Brock, David W.
11 November 1841
Co. C, 22nd Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Brown, William A.
8 August 1846
Co. C 8th Alabama
Mt. Sterling, Alabama
Boykin, Henry Clark
19 December 1837
Co. C, 40th Alabama Regiment
Butler, Alabama
Bryant, Jacob
3 July 1838
Co C, 54th Alabama Company
Jackson, Mississippi
Davidson, James Adrian
20 October 1841
Co. I, 24th Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
Davis, David Jones
14 May 1837
59th Georgia Regiment
Americus, Georgia
Davis, Cape
Co. I, 7th Mississippi Battalion
Quitman, Mississippi
Downey, William James
20 August 1841
Co. C, 38th Alabama
Lon, Alabama
Ezell, Charles Thomas
05 February 1845
Co. C, 54th Alabama
Demopolis, Alabama
Forshee, James
Co. C, 37th Mississippi Regiment
Quitman, Mississippi
Fuller, Thomas Shivy
1 January 1847
Co. I, 63rd Alabama Regiment
Talladeega, Alabama
Ford, William Henry
9 February 1840
Co. C, 1st Alabama, Miss & Tenn. Regiment
Pushmataha, Alabama
Ford, John Bartlen
08 February 1844
Co. C, 54th Alabama
Granada, Mississippi
Gilder, Joseph M.
07 March 1839
Griffin Rifles
Montgomery, Alabama
Guthrie, Benjamin
24 March 1836
Co. G, 59th Georgia
Buena Vista, Georgia
Hinson, Bartley
1 June 1846
Not States
Not Stated
Johnson, John Quincy Adams
25 April 1826
Co. A, 59th Alabama, R. F. Manley's Company Greenville, Alabama
Kennedy, Robert Butler
02 November 1931
Captain E.A. Miller's Company
Waynesboro, Mississippi
Littlepage, James Epp
26 May 1848
Co. A, Alabama Corp of Cadets
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Mosely, James Washington
07 March 1838
Co. D, Gaines, 22nd Alabama Regiment
Womack Hill, Alabama
Meton, Thomas McDonald
13 April 1841
Co. K, 8th Alabama Regiment
Marion, Alabama
Newton, Salem T.
20 March 1839
27th Mississippi Infantry
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Nobles, Little Ryle
2 July 1846
Co. A, 3rd Alabama Cavalry
Blue Mountain
Owens, Isaac
10 December 1836
40th Alabama
Dog River
Phillips, William Henry
25 February 1843
Co. E, 40th Alabama
Demopolis, Alabama
Presslar, Fletcher
Not Stated
37th Mississippi
Quitman, Mississippi
Rutlege, James N.
14 November 1840
Co. I, 24th Alabama
Fort Morgan, Alabama
Ranier, Charles Franklin
22 February 1845
Co. C, 40th Alabama
Coatoba, Alabama
Scott, John Alexander
23 December 1834
Co F, 1st Alabama, Tenn. & Miss. Regiment
Not Stated
Tines, Oliver Hugh
10 February 1835
7th Mississippi, E Pearson Battalion
Quitman, Mississippi
Thompson, Joel
13 April 1845
Co. C, 9th Alabama
Butler, Alabama
Ulmer Oliver C.
22 August 1848
Co. A, Alabama Corp of Cadets
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Wimberly, Little Berry
27 June 1842
3rd Alabama Regiment
Mt. Sterling, Alabama
Wilson, Henderson
19 September 1842
Co. B, 40th Alabama
Bluff Park, Alabama
Whited (?) John Wesley
02 June 1842
Co. E, 40th Alabama
Thompkinsville, Alabama

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