Lisa's Cemetery Site

This site is a mixture of information that includes vital records(cemeteries, birth, death, divorce, marriage, etc.), Military (Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, etc.), from Alabama and other various states. This site is designed to help individuals with family research.


My overall goal is to make this a "go to" site for anyone doing research in Alabama, although other states will be added as time allows. My primary focus will be Washington and Mobile County and I encourage anyone wanting to add information to this site please let me know.

By no means is this site meant to compete with Ancestry or any other major paid site.

Research Request

Anyone needing research help with information I have, please email the name being researched, full name and page the name was found. I will look through my records and help as much as I can.


The main records on this site are:

  1. Vital Records: Birth, Death, Cemetery, Marriage, Divorce, etc.
  2. Military: Revolutionary, Civil War, Spanish American and World War I
  3. Family Histories submitted by various researchers